A contested place. A controversial past. A questionable future.

Confronting Guantánamo locates Guantánamo Bay, Cuba in time and space.  It also examines the nature of place, the reality of the refugee experience, the ethics of public health, the implications of indefinite incarceration, and the scope of human justice.

 The exhibit will be on display in the lobby of Northeastern University’s International Village (1155–1175 Tremont St.) from March 19–April 25.  The exhibit is free and open to the public.



Thanks to our sponsors & everyone who made Confronting Guantánamo possible.

Northeastern University’s Humanities Center; College of Social Sciences and Humanities; Office of City and Community Affairs; Department of History, Center for the Arts; College of Arts, Media, and Design; International Affairs Program; Gallery 360; Program for Human Rights and Global Economics (PHRGE); Black Law Students Association; School of Law; Ethics Institute; University Honors Program.

We owe a special thanks to Anna Driscoll, our graphic designer, and our consultant James Pierre.

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